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South West Florida , Naples, Marco Island, Cape Romano

The wind is not always good to kite board on Naples beaches so we go to other locations

in South West Florida , Naples, Marco island beach , Cape Romano ,tiger tail , coconut island , Keeywaydin

NFK provides certified instructors, water support and transportation from our store to our local kite boarding spots

All water support and water transportation to the kite spots has an extra charge

cape Romano $200 ,plus lesson 5 hours

coconut island $100 plus lesson

Tiger tail $100 plus lesson

We are fully licensed and insured


lessons rates : Naples - Marco island

First Flight in a kiteboarding kite 2 and 4 lines (2hr)


kiteboarding requires 80% kite control ,This lesson will enable you to fly the kite with confidence and prepare you for your first water body drag! We cover kite flying safety,

de-powering, launching and landing, re-launching and safety release.

Let's get Wet 2hr


Practice body drags, one handed flying, power strokes, re-launch, and self-rescue, ALL IN THE WATER!

I want it all! level 1 complete

Private lesson level 1 information $300

This 2 1/2 hour lesson will take you from your first flight to body drags. We cater lessons to each individual's strength and ability, ensuring we complete the lesson at the right pace for you. Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. The learning curve is fairly quick in relation to other sports. Without proper instruction, kiteboarding can be dangerous, so we'll be sure to take each progression at a speed that is comfortable for both the student and instructor.

The goal on this course is to give the student the information to understand and correctly rig up an inflatable 4/5 line kite in a safe scenario; to understand and determine the wind direction according to the beach the student will be.

 Correctly launching and landing the right size power kite with assistance and to be able to do body dragging. The ability and coordination of the student will improve. This process will be faster or slower depending on the weather conditions during the course as well as the student's coordination skills. Oriented for people 18 to 50 + years old, underage people with parent’s approval and supervision, Water skills will be required as for good swimming and being comfortable with the ocean and waves. Please let us know of any Back or any medical problems

call 239-601-2700 Enrique (certified instructor  level 4) 2003 / 2021

Board lessons ( 2 HOURS )


Tips and tricks

Tired of trying to figure it out alone?

$ 120 per hour , with your gear $100

These lessons are for beginner or riders who have gotten up on the board and are ready to go one step further.if you are not getting anywhere by yourself this lesson is perfect for you


Stop transition



Toe-side transition

Toe-side riding

Riding up-wind

Slide transition



Are you with the right instructor?

Today kiteboarding is a very popular sport and there are many who want to learn, at the same time there are many who want to teach but that does not mean they should, there are plenty of people who think they can teach kiteboarding and maybe they even have a surf shop or kite shop or a web site but that does not mean they are qualified(instructors (no )actually to be certified you go to a school to learn how to instruct and you do hours in a classroom and in the water so before you have your money taken away to be sure to ask some questions to your instructor

It is really important to research your instructor's name or store on the internet Before you invest time and money 

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